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Meet Hydie

Hi Everyone! I’m Hydie and welcome to Heartland Holistic Solutions! My passion is to guide and educate others to learn how to look after and LOVE themselves - physically, nutritionally and emotionally! 


My Journey

My journey started in 2014. That year, both my father and a dear friend passed away of cancer within two short months of one another. I helplessly watched as my loved ones suffered. My world was spiraling. Through all of the pain and heartbreak, I knew there had to be more than what the medical system had to offer... there had to be a better way!


That's when my sister turned me on to the docu-series The Truth About Cancer  I watched with intense interest as Ty Bollinger, the founder of The Truth About Cancer, talked about losing seven family members to  cancer within a ten-year time frame. He and his wife Charlene  have made it their mission to search for the TRUTH about cancer and have traveled the globe talking to top doctors, scientists, researchers, and even cancer survivors.


When Ty interviewed Dr. Darrell Wolfe, the Doc of Detox, his message really resonated  with me. I went online to read as much as I could about his ideas and philosophies. Reading Dr. Wolfe’s book, Healthy to 100, and watching his videos, made me realize how scar tissue was crippling everyone. I began incorporating the strategies I had read. Structured water, Doc of Detox daily cleansing tea, and other ideas really made sense to me. Within just a few short months I had lost 20 lbs, had more energy & felt great! It was then, I knew in my heart that I needed to travel up to Kelowna BC Canada to train with Dr. Wolfe so I could not only help myself,  but others as well with this life-changing, life-saving information! I wanted to show my loved ones that there was a different way... a safe and effective way to live a healthy, vibrant life! 


Today, I am proud to say I am a New World Practitioner certified by The International Training Institute of Health. Through Dr. Wolfe's training, I have learned so much about myself and how to manage my health than I ever thought possible. I learned how my thoughts and beliefs are just as important, if not more important, than the food I put into my body. Through the Brave Heart training I was able to uncover and discover the emotional triggers and thought patterns that where creating "issues in my tissues" such as nail fungus, fibroid tumors, chronic UTI's, dermatitis, and neck and back pain. The courses really opened my mind to alternative therapies to help heal past emotional wounds that were affecting my physical health. 


How can I help you?


I want to help you unleash the power to heal from within. I am result driven. I use cutting-edge therapies and modalities that are simple yet effective. I will customize  a protocol  that I believe is truly going to help you. On my website, you will see information about a variety of ways that you can start your own journey to health. As you search, you may have questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I'm here to help!


In my world there's no such thing as incurable. Incurable just stands for limited beliefs. With the correct information and a plan of action, I  believe anything is possible! We all have the power to heal ourselves! Let's start today by building the perfect day in every way my beautiful Brave Heart.


From my heart to your health and well-being,


Hydie Lynn Shiers

Certified New World Practitioner  

Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration Therapist  

Meet Hydie

Certified by The International Training Institute of Health

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