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New to my health and wellness  arsenal  is the HALO Apocalypse  System!  Biophotonic Therapy Quantum Nutrition & Beauty. Structured Water. How does  HALO  work? The photons (light) passes through the  vials or tubes  that contain  the botanical  extracts  and picks up the harmonic  vibrations  of the botanicals.  It then transmits the photon with the botanical  energies  into the body (essentially,  acting as a delivery  system at lightening speed of a 186,000 miles per second). The  body then responds  as if the botanicals  were present. Michael Thomas ( Inventor, Master Chemist & Botanist) theorized  almost  20 years ago  that if  he could  pass photons  through  vials of botanical solutions  with  sufficient  power, the light  would  pick up  the healing  information  of the botanicals  and deliver  them to the tissues of the body and/or drinking water.  "The body takes Bio-photonic Therapy  energies  in just like a plant  takes in sunshine.  Those  harmonic  energies  then go into the body through  what I  believe  are God sources; the body knows  what  to do with these energies  and then initiates the self-healing responses". Michael Thomas

To learn more please  visit:

Also, Michael Thomas  has a YouTube channel  with lots of great  info!

Michael healed himself  from  4th stage  leukemia  back in 2009!  I've had  lots of success stories  in just the few short months  I've  had my  HALO Pro! Cleared  up my seasonal allergies  in  90 seconds!   We can also Structure and HALO  Charge your water so you literally  drink your therapy!  

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