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Bioptron Light Therapy

Bioptron Light Therapy: A revolutionary medical technology clinically proven to effectively treat a remarkable range of conditions including: aging, inflammation, arthritis, immune system, seasonal affective disorder, chronic pain, wounds/ scars, acne, psoriasis, skin cancer as well as numerous pet conditions! Just 4 minutes under the Bioptron Light increases the micro-circulation by 47% ! All of my Wolfe Deep Tissue Transformational Sessions include Bioptron Light Therapy. One may also purchase a Bioptron Light from me as well.

Check out the incredible healing results using the Bioptron Color Light Therapy! Michala broke her ankle March 7th, had surgery March 8th. Since then we've been doing Bioptron Color Light Therapy a couple times a week. Last night when Michala was over she had this horrible bruise as you can see in April 23rd picture...This morning, April 24th, less than 24hrs, this is the improvement!
The Bioptron Light along with Ionic Calcium and a few other out-of-the-box modalities has really accelerated her healing! Michala got her cast off 2 weeks ahead of time. Was in a boot, suppose to be no weight bearing for 6 weeks. Last week at PT she could do 75%! She's down to 1 crutch and is about ready to ditch the other crutch! 

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